Founded in 1991, Ann&Palm is the leading luxury travel company in Argentina, specializing in sophisticated tailor made journeys with a particular focus on inter-cultural exchange, sustainability and wildlife. Wether you are an independent traveler in seek of new adventures, a travel advisor designing a trip for clients or a company looking to motivate, reward and inspire your team, Ann&Palm is committed to surpass your expectations.

Our travellers appreciate several privileges, which often include room upgrades, special meals, late check-out, complimentary spa treatments, reservations at renowned restaurants, and access to private homes, gardens, art collections, cooking workshops, and more.

Ann&Palm owes it’s name to Analia Palmeiro. A strong, energetic woman, who was passionate about other cultures, sharing life experiences and getting lost in the most profound places of the Earth. She was a pioneer of high end group journeys within Argentina and to the world. Her love for travel and delightful personality became almost an addiction to a faithful clientele who would follow her accurate advice or pleasantly joined all of her trips.

Today, at Ann&Palm we are honoured to continue spreading her devotion for new discoveries, her joy in listening to her clients travel dreams and her expertise in the creation of life changing extraordinary experiences.

Our Ability to Personalize: We handle each request according to the individual needs of our travelers. We want to make sure we understand exactly what you are looking for in order to design the perfect custom journey and select the most suitable experiences, properties and expert guides.

Philanthropy: We are committed to respecting the natural environment. Ann&Palm is proud to work closely to FuNaFu (Fundacion Naturaleza para el Futuro – Nature for the Future). Founded in 2001, FuNaFu was created to respond to the enthusiasm of people who love nature and wish to live alongside it sustainably. We work with local governments and communities to enrich lives through travel by creating employment and opportunities for the well being of societies and nature.

Trusted Partners: Our unique suppliers are chosen carefully. At Ann&Palm, we are passionate travellers! we have knowledge and understanding of every experience and property that we recommend. Our hand picked guides undergo strict qualification processes, serving both as fellow travelers and knowledgeable experts. More than 20 years of experience allowed a strong bond with all of our partners as well as access to exclusive places and remarkable people.

Guest Ambassador: No matter the time of day, our local operations team is always waiting to be of help, providing flexible measures to address any concern.

Our Exceptional Team: a diverse, innovative and engaged team who is passionate about exploring the world, discovering other lives, working together by advising and hosting inspired travelers.

Our team

Veronica Larraburu


Camila Garcia Carou

Travel Specialist

Sabrina Lombardi

Marketing Specialist

Sofia Aristarain

Music and Arts

Miriam Bertolli

Flight Specialist

Maria Elena Ferreiro

Head of Accounts

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