At Ann&Palm we create extraordinary experiences for discerning travelers, curated by our travel specialists. We are passionate about Argentina: its culture, landscapes and cuisine. We translate this passion and know how to be creative and provide “out of the box” unforgettable journeys.

We begin by having a conversation on your interests and travel dreams so that we can design a fascinating personalized itinerary. What intrigues, inspires and amuses you? This will give you unrivaled access to the most authentic and interesting people, places and events tailored around your specific preferences.

Our experienced team will then prepare an initial itinerary outline so that you can review together to deliver the ultimate journey through Argentina.



Become a Winemaker in Mendoza!

You will become a Winemaker in a great and unique journey that will let you explore wine life and Mendoza’s renowned kitchens and cuisine. Traveling the road through the region is in itself a very pleasant experience: surrounding landscapes, typical of rural Mendoza, with vineyards, olive, almond, cherry and horticultural crops, whose shapes and colours are enhanced by the silhouette and changing hues of the imposing Andes Mountains.

You will meet local families, running their own “ bodegas”, lovely people producing lovely wines! You will share cooking experiences and be guided by your hosts in the challenge of blending different varieties to make your own tailor made wine, coupled with great food and amazing views!

Patagonia Mountains & Glacier

Join this incredible experience located in the south of the country while you trek and discover mountains and glaciers! Definitely a must for adventurers in need of adrenaline.

Los Glaciares National Park is located in the southwest of the province of Santa Cruz, it has an area of 726,927 hectares and was created to preserve an extensive area of continental ice and glaciers, the southern Andean-Patagonian forest and the Patagonian steppe.  Because of its beauty, its glaciological and geomorphological interest and endangered fauna species, in 1981, UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site, becoming the first National Park to obtain this mention.

Every summer, our trekkers meet our mountain guides to explore our world class trails ( and private paths..!) , through magical forests and crystal lakes in an epic Patagonia adventure.


Rewilding on Ibera Wetlands, a Unique Natural Paradise

Immerse in The Iberá National Park where diverse natural ecosystems can be found. It is an opportunity to perceive nature and to learn about the importance of biodiversity, conservation and local cultures.You will encounter capybaras, marsh deer, brocket deer, black howlers, foxes, viscachas and rheas. It is also possible to see the weird maned wolf, the neotropical river otter and the crab-eating raccoon.

Did we mention a mesmerising starry bright milky way on clear nights?

Prepare for fauna sighting, night safaris, magical sunsets and kayaking in this mystical reserve.

Learn & Play Polo with Argentine’s finest players

Boasting the highest number of ten-goal players in the sport, Argentina has long been regarded as the mecca of polo. “The Open” is the world’s fifth-oldest polo competition (it celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2013) and one of the most important international tournaments on the planet. Think Wimbledon for horses! Glamorous crowds flock to the event to watch the world’s top polo horses and players fight for glory before celebrating at glittering parties in the capital’s most exclusive bars and clubs.

Learn the basics or perfect your passion for “Polo” from professional players. All skill levels will spark intense games, which conclude with a friendly drink or an asado at the Club House. Experience life on a real Argentine estancia and finally live the dream of playing polo in a Top Family polo Club!. This programme will include being part of the Club for a few days, practicing and playing on actual export-level horses, on high quality fields, in a top quality private polo club with mid to high handicap professional players as both teammates and instructors.


Molinos, Live a Towns Heritage

Immerse yourself in the town of Molinos, a National Historic Site, situated in the Calchaqui Valleys of Salta, near Route 40. It’s irregular layout streets, its typical red clay houses with galleries, the wooden gates from old shops , give it a colonial, simple and picturesque air.

It is the ideal place to taste high altitude wines and experience the culture, crafts, and traditions of the native communities who inhabit the area since before colonization. Take a guided cooking class with Margarita, enjoy a gourmet pic-nic in the Acsibi Caves and explore hidden lagoons with your native hosts.

Discover the lives of an ancestral community. Are you ready for a heart warming experience?


Founded by Welsh immigrants in 1865, Puerto Madryn in Patagonia is the Mecca of scuba diving and famous for its spectacular marine wildlife and awe inspiring lunar spectacles. 

Go marine wildlife watching along the beautiful Atlantic Coast of Patagonia, where the diversity of wildlife and scenery is unparalleled.

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