At Ann&Palm we believe in the power of travel to make the world a better place. It breaks prejudice and connects humans. But on a more tangible level, it provides financial resources for thousands of projects that aim to improve peoples lives, save wildlife and protect nature.

We are committed to making Argentina a leading sustainable destination. As travellers, we not only have the responsibility to help maintain the sanctity of the environment and people who live there, but also think of ways to make it better, by developing “conscious travel experiences”.

Our bespoke journeys through Argentina aim to:

Create Environmental Value: by promoting wildlife and biodiversity consciousness through our expert nature guides.We have partnered with the Institute of Whale Conservancy in Puerto Madryn in order to have our travellers “adopt a whale” and in this way, help the Institute continue with its studies to learn about the health status of these marine animals, detect threats and find solutions to the problems they might face in the oceans. We intend for our itineraries to be carbon neutral, meaning that any (carbon dioxide) CO2 released into the atmosphere from our travellers activities is balanced by an equivalent amount being removed. In order to do so, we will measure carbon emissions from your personalised itinerary to buy carbon bonds that will neutralise it from BioGas Energy, a project which involves  the installation and operation of a biogas power plant from the decomposition of organic waste in Córdoba, Argentina. The electricity generated will contribute to the decarbonization of the country’s electricity grid.

Create Economic Growth: tourism creates jobs and stimulates entrepreneurship. Ann&Palm promotes sustainable development programs in Salta and Mendoza by creating job opportunities through tourism, encouraging to maintain the native communities traditional handcrafts and arts, such as weaving and pottery and encouraging travellers to shop ethically and consciously and meet artisans and local hosts.

Create Social Value: Ann&Palm stimulates activities with local interactions and heartwarming experiences, creating memorable moments.  We believe in the power of “ travelling for good and moving for good” and this is why we have developed a Fundraising Challenges. Our purpose being to unite world travellers in a 7 day adventure, deepening relationships with other cultures, improving physical and mental well-being while moving for the same cause.

Our aim is to empower societies to responsibly care for nature and culture, for the well-being of humanity.

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