Ann&Palm quotes and charges in GBP. Please note that if clients decide to pay in their home currency rather than GBP, a Dynamic Currency Conversion fee (DCC) will be charged by credit card companies on top of the current foreign transaction fees. This additional charge can double the currency conversion costs.

Ann&Palm is not responsible for the currency exchange nor foreign transaction fees involved, and will receive the exact quoted amount in GBP regardless of these fees.

Unless otherwise specified, 25% of total cost of the trip is requested as deposit to secure and confirm a booking. Additionally, some suppliers require 10%-20% deposits to secure bookings. All services and itineraries, unless otherwise advised, should be prepaid fully 40 days before arrival. If bookings are made within 40 days of departure, full payment must be received immediately to secure and confirm a booking. If other arrangements are required, Ann&Palm will consider them on a case-by-case basis. If payments are not made in a timely manner, Ann&Palm reserves the right to refuse to confirm the booking, or to impose a last minute reasonable fee to cover costs.


The price of travel arrangements is subject to changes due to fluctuations in: hotel accommodations, trans-

portation costs (e.g., fuel); other airline imposed surcharges; Government action, such as increases in VAT or any other Government imposed increases.


One hour waiting time is included in all airport transfers. In case of delays beyond this extra waiting time will be charged. If on arrival at the airport you have a delay waiting for luggage, please call Ann&Palm or send an e-mail to info@annpalm.com to advise that you have arrived and are waiting inside the luggage area or send one of your party out into the Arrivals hall to find the driver and advise them of the delay.

Transfer service delay policy: We plan our operation considering that the maximum delay is up to 30minutes for hotel pick-ups and 1 hour for airport or train station pick-ups. In the event of a missed flight, the transfer will be rescheduled at no cost if we are notified in time to reschedule the transfer. After which the car company may be unable to complete the service. Providing the car company has the availability to wait beyond the above-mentioned limit, they will extend the service and there will be a waiting extra charge.


Each airline has specific rules and requirements regarding baggage size, weight, and even design. It is the responsibility of the party to make sure that baggage brought on any flight adheres to the size, weight, and design requirements of the airline. Smaller planes or helicopters often require smaller and lighter baggage. Airlines will likely charge fees for baggage that exceeds weight and size requirements. On smaller planes and helicopters, oversized baggage or baggage that is too heavy may not be allowed on the flight for safety reasons. If any item, terms, or conditions of this document are found to be invalid or illegal, all other remaining items, terms, and conditions will still apply.


You will receive, via email, 20 days prior to the traveler’s arrival the trip documentation.


Each party must review all final travel documents for accuracy upon receipt and agrees to contact

Ann&Palm within 72 hours if the party has any questions. Failure to notify Ann&Palm shall constitute a waiver of any claim regarding accuracy of the travel documents.


Any party may cancel their booking at any time providing that they communicate the cancellation in writing to Ann&Palm.

After a confirmed trip is cancelled the following conditions apply:


(*) Cancellation of the entire trip booked through Ann&Palm

  • In case of cancellation between confirmation and 46 days prior to arrival 30% of the full cost of

your holiday will be charged (*).

  • In case of cancellation up to 45 – 31 days prior to arrival date 50% of the full cost of your holiday

will be charged (*).

  • In case of cancellation 30 – 15 days prior to arrival date – 100% of the full cost of your holiday

will be charged.


(*) Cancellation of one or more, but not all, members of the party and/or services booked through

Ann&Palm In case of partial cancellation up to 45 – 21 days prior to arrival date 50% of the cost of the service cancelled will be charged.

  • In case of partial cancellation 20 – 10 days before – 75% of the cost of the service cancelled will be charged.
  • In case of partial cancellation less than 10 days prior to arrival date – 100% of the cost of the ser-

vice cancelled will be charged.

**) Hotel cancellations: Ann&Palm will follow the cancellation policy agreement signed with every hotel. No refund for unused portions of the trip, cancellations made after the trip has begun or early departures for any reason.

Postponing or rescheduling of a trip is considered on a case-by-case basis, but is in not guaranteed. Postponing or rescheduling of a trip is subject to the cancellation charges above.


It is important that you, as our client, understand that any outdoor experience may be sensitive weather and other local conditions beyond the control of the supplier and of Ann&Palm. Our local supplier is best suited to assess local logistical conditions and to make a final decision as to whether or not it is safe to proceed with the tour. If, in the sole opinion of the local supplier, conditions make it unsafe to enjoy the experience, the local supplier will cancel the experience and a full refund will be credited to the client. In the event, however, that you choose, for whatever reason, to cancel your participation in the experience, there will be no refund due.


Ann&Palm strongly recommends you to buy trip cancellation/interruption insurance.


If a problem arises during the party’s vacation, please inform us immediately. Complaining at the time of the problem will likely yield the best results. It is, therefore, a condition of this agreement that the party communicates any problem and attempts to resolve any problem after departure directly with Ann&Palm as soon as the problem arises.

Refunds will be processed within 30 days of receiving written notification of the cancellation. The refund will be made in GBP. Any complaint must be received at Ann&Palm email in writing.


Although Ann&Palm will make every effort to adhere to the itinerary, on rare occasions it may be necessary to make an adjustment to these arrangements. Should such adjustment be necessary, a substitute will be offered when and where possible. If war or terrorist activities threatened or actual, civil unrest, closures of airports or seaports, industrial action threatened or any other event outside the control of Ann&Palm which causes either delays or extends the holiday or compels a change in the holiday arrangements, Ann&Palm cannot accept liability for any resulting loss, damage or expense and any refund will be subject to deduction of reasonable expenses.

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